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Yesterday on the 21st April 2016, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II was 90 years old.   Not only has she reached the magnificent milestone of 90 years old, she is also the longest reigning Monarch in British history, having come to the throne on 2nd June 1953.  This can only be described as an incredible achievement.  The fact that Her Majesty is still working hard, at the age of 90, is a wonderful example of the service and dedication that she has shown to our country and the people of the United Kingdom.  She has unwavering commitment and has consistently put her country first.

Tomorrow on the 23rd April 2016, it is St George’s Day which was declared in 1222 by the Council of Oxford.  It is a day when all English people come together to celebrate their great nation and all things English.  However, it wasn’t until 1348 that St George became the Patron Saint of England.  There are many legends surrounding St George but probably the most well known is the tale of St George and the dragon, when St George slays a dragon in order to save the life of a maiden princess.  He must have lived a rich and full life and have been quite a character in order for him to still be remembered so many hundreds of years later.  The 23rd April also has further British significance as in 1616 the playwright William Shakespeare died.

All in all, we are feeling quite patriotic and British and have put together a fun, easy guide to British etiquette and how to behave like a gentleman or a lady.

British etiquette has changed and modernized over the years.  Those who were glued to Downton Abbey on Sunday evenings on BBC1 can see how times have moved on.  Little by little, some events have become less formal and others, with the reduction in household staff, have accepted modernization.  However, it is still important to follow some fairly basic rules on how to dress, what to say and how a dining room table should be laid.  For a foreigner entering a society gathering, the eccentricities of the British, can often be a baffling experience.  First impressions are always important and an air of gentle confidence but without arrogance always helps.

If you follow this basic guide, you can relax and have fun at any society event.  We would be delighted to organize a fabulous trip for you to visit the UK and experience some of this historic etiquette and the warm hospitality.  Stay in a warm, welcoming and grand private home anywhere in the UK and we will look after every detail of your vacation.  Please send us an email or call us on + 44 (0) 1835 824642 and we will put together a fabulous itinerary for you.


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