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The charming city of Edinburgh is one of our favorite luxury locations when it comes to breaks in the UK. This unique capital is a playground for luxury seekers, foodies and culture vultures, making it one of the most coveted destinations for anyone traveling through Scotland or staying in one of our stunning Scottish castles or stately homes. But what if you’re traveling with little ones in tow? Edinburgh is a superb city for kids as well, so it’s the ideal place to come if you’re planning a family break with things to do for all ages.

Here are 5 child-friendly things to do in Scotland’s sophisticated capital…


This iconic Scottish tourist attraction is always a hit, because it’s great for kids and grown-ups alike. Learn more about Scotland’s interesting history whilst enjoying breath-taking views that overlook the rest of the city. Children of all ages will find it to be fascinating and you can let their imaginations run wild with the huge cannons, spooky prison vaults and all the stories of witches being burnt at the stake within the castle walls.


Located close to the castle is the amazing Camera Obscura museum, a place where kids can spend hours and hours being entertained by fairground style hall of mirrors, and other illusionary tricks and attractions. From the Magic Gallery filled with experiments to the Light Fantastic room where you can watch yourself magically shrink in size, there’s so much to see. Spread across five floors of fun and with fantastic views of Edinburgh from the rooftop.


Edinburgh Zoo is set across 82 acres and houses animals such as the Asiatic Lion, Sumatran Tiger, the Giant Panda, the African Hunting Dog, the Chimpanzee, Common Squirrel Monkey, the Pygmy Hippopotamus, Grevy’s Zebra, Gentoo Penguin, the Wallaby, Scottish Wildcat and many more. There are family friendly events taking place throughout the year, and zookeeper experiences are perfect for kids who want a hands-on experience that they will never forget. There’s even a ‘Fight Your Phobias’ workshop for children who dare to get close and personal with spiders!


Enjoy a rural farming experience right in the heart of the city. Located on Gorgie Road, this fun and fabulous farm invites families and their children to meet the local residents……the pigs, cows, chickens, sheep and goats that roam around on site. You can also visit the Pet Lodge to see some small domestic animals, and they even provide pet lodging if you’re traveling with your furry friend and need a pet-free day to explore Edinburgh’s top sights and attractions.


We particularly love the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, because there’s something for everybody here and all ages will be able to have fun. If the weather’s good, this is great place to come for a picnic. Children big and small will enjoy exploring the winding steps of the rock garden, and adults can take a leisurely stroll surrounded by some of the most interesting plant species around. The regional gardens represent the mountainous Benmore in Argyll, Dawyck in the hills of the Scottish Borders, and Logan on the Gulf Stream.

There is so much to do in Edinburgh, and if you’d like to discuss planning your family vacation, then please do get in touch today.


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