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Of all the events we organize at LTR, the family reunions are perhaps the most joyous as they bring together guests of all ages. As one granny put it; we are ‘building memories’. 

The castles and big houses we offer to our clients are all first and foremost family homes. They are a perfect place to entertain large, multi-generational groups. The kids love them and spend hours running around the gardens, woods and throughout the estate. There are pools, tennis courts and swings to enjoy, along with walled gardens, private beaches, glens and long driveways to bicycle down. The opportunities for fun are endless and the space that these estates offer is truly liberating. Totally safe and wonderfully private, the castles offer a perfect environment for families to hang out together in and enjoy a few days of rural tranquillity.


“Dear Andrew, We all wanted to say a very big thank you not only for organising our wonderful trip to Lethendy but also for the surprise piper who arrived last night to pipe us into dinner! Mum told me that you had organised it for us – that was so kind of you. Lethendy was all that you had described and more! We were greeted and treated with such kindness and care. The children had a whale of a time and loved both Vicky and David. We all felt very much at home and really didn’t want it all to end … “

It can be very rare for families to be able to get together, so when they do, the time is precious and the environment in which they gather, needs to be a happy one. This is where the big houses and castles that we offer perform so well as they are principally family homes and ideally suited to entertaining large numbers. They were built for this purpose and are wonderful places to have fun. Always brilliantly located in the most scenic of spots and surrounded by thousands of acres of stunning countryside. Steeped in history and gently worn by time over the generations, these ancient homes offer a glimpse into a bygone era and are the perfect location for a family celebration.

There are many different types of celebrations from birthdays, graduation celebrations, wedding anniversaries or indeed weddings. LTR does not arrange weddings but we handle every other kind of family celebration and have a lot of experience at arranging large or small events, informal gatherings or family house parties. As always the key is to let LTR guide you to the perfect venue and then we plan all the fun stuff. Keeping multi-generational family groups busy for a few days is always the most exciting part of the planning process. LTR has an extensive knowledge of each area and all the possibilities on offer. Please contact us and let us plan your next family celebration in a country house or a historic castle. All the properties are let on an exclusive use basis and for a few days you will be the laird of all you can see.

For some inspirational ideas of things to do for very special family reunions, read here.