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We realize time is a most precious commodity, especially when it comes to spending it with family and friends. We know you can’t afford to get it wrong.

Exploring suitable properties, seeking out inspirational travel experiences and ultimately orchestrating an entire trip relies on dependable local knowledge, a wealth of experience, reliable and trustworthy suppliers and a good deal of time.

LTR affords you peace of mind by dealing with all these arrangements on your behalf, effortlessly planning your bespoke vacation experience and ensuring everything runs according to plan while you are with LTR. While you’re in our capable hands, we do our utmost to ensure that not a minute of your time is squandered. All the while letting you call the shots.  That’s a luxury few can afford.

We do not arrange international flights as a travel agent would.  We create our own bespoke itineraries for each and every client.  No trip is ever the same.  They are made up of ingredients that we put together having found and discovered them ourselves whilst traveling around all our destinations.  We have built up special relationships with all the owners of the properties we use along with all our other suppliers.  We use guides that can transform your trip from merely a good one into a truly extraordinary one with their enthusiasm, knowledge and general passion about their country and area.

No.  We have learnt through experience that it is important when planning a luxury bespoke trip to make sure that we are in control of all the arrangements – and above all we obtain favorable rates.  It also ensures that we leave nothing to chance and that everything organized fits seamlessly together to provide the experience our clients are expecting.

Between us, we have a frightening number of years experience organizing luxury, tailor made trips for our discerning clients.  We understand that our clients’ main luxury is time and we work hard to ensure that every moment of the vacation we organize is spent in the way our clients wish.  We only work with the best suppliers and know them all well.  All the destinations and properties we use are visited regularly by members of the team to ensure we keep up to date with changes of ownership and quality of restaurants/private houses etc. etc.  We make sure that our clients really get to know and understand the country they are in by opening doors to places that they would, without us, be unable to go to.

No.  LTR does not arrange travel insurance for you but we can recommend companies to use.  It is vital that you take out travel insurance before you travel to cover any cancellation charges and the unexpected.  Please see our full Terms & Conditions.

No.  LTR does not directly book or issue International flights to or from your chosen destination.  However, we do arrange internal flights, private charter flights and helicopter transfers as part of the overall trip.  We will take over your travel arrangements once you arrive in the country in which your vacation is taking place.

Yes.  We are very happy to work with travel agents and often do so.  Many of our clients have friendly travel agents in their own country of residence whom they use for all their vacation arrangements and we are extremely used to, and enjoy working with them.  The travel agents know their clients well and we at LTR are experts in their chosen destination so the combination provides a strong and capable team.

You ask us questions, we ask you questions, and we generally get to know one another. Once we have a good feel for your travel style, expectations and budget together with preferred destination and dates, we can then figure out if your needs and our service are a good fit.

We then get to work tailoring a made to measure trip just for you, calling on our wealth of experience and in depth knowledge, not to mention our ‘little black book’! We will thoughtfully craft imaginative itineraries, as well as those that are off the beaten track and help you gain privileged access to places not normally available. We help you decide what suits you most. One size does not fit all.

When you are 100% happy with the proposed itinerary we will take care of every detail – including everything that needs to be booked, reserved, fine-tuned and arranged – allowing you to relax in the knowledge that you will end up with a perfectly formed schedule, leaving nothing to chance. And, of course, we will be on hand or at the end of the phone 24/7 while you are with us.