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Helicopter Charter in Scotland – Things to Consider

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For the ultimate luxury during your vacation in the Scottish Highlands, book a helicopter flight and enjoy the amazing bird’s eye views below. This can be the perfect activity to mark a special occasion. Whether you’re here for a proposal, an anniversary or a birthday, helicopter charter can make your trip totally unforgettable.

Here at LTR Castles, we do our best to make your vacation as memorable as can be. From arranging sports and adventure activities to creating magical cultural discovery for our clients, we’re always here to help. If you’d like to arrange a helicopter flight, just get in touch and we’ll source a reputable company to take you to new heights.

Before you arrange a flight, here are the things to consider:

1. The type of helicopter you need

Before booking a helicopter charter or speaking to our team, it may be a good idea to know what type of helicopter you will need. The two types are single engine and twin engine helicopters. Single engine helicopters are ideal for daytime flying, while twin engines are suited for evening flights and rough weather conditions. The latter is more expensive, so finding a clear day and avoiding night flights is usually preferred. Daytime flights are better in general for the Scottish Highlands as you’ll be able to get a good view.

2. Where you’re flying to and from

When you’re ready to book, make sure you know where you want to be picked up from and where you are going. If your flight is one way, you will need to arrange other modes of transport to get back. Charter companies need to know departure and destination points in order to quote as the distance will directly affect the cost.

3. The number of people travelling

The number of passengers will need to be established from the start, as this will also dictate the cost. The larger your group, the bigger the helicopter. Most charter helicopters can carry between 4 to 8 people, and larger helicopters aren’t readily available. This means you may need to consider chartering two flights if there are a lot of you on vacation together.

Total passenger numbers also affect the weight, and could reduce the amount of fuel being carried on board. So be prepared for potential refueling stops if you have a big group.

4. Whether you want a second pilot

It’s not always possible to have a second pilot, and it’s not mandatory by any means. However, some clients who fly by helicopter do like to book a second pilot. This will incur an extra cost, but generally gives travelers peace of mind when they’re in the air.

5. Where you’re going to land

If you have a landing point in mind, discuss this with the charter company early on. It’s not possible to land just anywhere in the UK as there are certain rules to abide by. However, if the landowner of a potential landing spot provide permission (and if the land meets all the safety requirements), then it is possible to make arrangements.

For cases where it’s not possible to land in your desired place, pilots will do their best to land somewhere close by.

Interested in helicopter charter in Scotland? Get in touch with our team today and we can find a local company on your behalf.


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