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Since 1999, LTR has been arranging wonderful house parties in our favorite houses and castles that we have on offer for our guests to enjoy. There is a huge demand for house party venues, for clients to use for special celebrations, where they can bring together a large number of family and friends under one roof.

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Some LTR house parties mushroom into large celebrations running over a few days and involving a myriad of suppliers brought in to provide catering, activities and musical entertainment. Others are more intimate and cozy, for as little as perhaps six guests and involve a smaller staff. However, whether it be for five or for fifty people, the common thread is a wonderful home, be it a castle, country house, stately home or small hotel. LTR takes a lot of trouble matching each client with the perfect party house to rent for their special gathering. We work with a relatively small collection of homes, all of which we know extremely well and visit often, both to welcome in a client and to check up on their continued high standards.


“It was a spectacular weekend. We and our guests had a terrific time. The castle was exceptionally comfortable and we all felt completely at home thanks to the understated but highly efficient service and support they provided. Food was also amazing… a truly memorable party. We are very happy.”

There are many reasons to hire a country house and host a house party and many different formats which can be adopted. The key element is the guests you wish to invite and we explore this aspect to ensure the accommodation is appropriate for those who are coming. Another important issue is the activities which you think your guests will enjoy and again we explore the options in some detail to make sure we can put together a fun selection of cultural and sporting activities. The other key ingredient is geography, as most house parties involve guests coming from multiple destinations which therefore makes it an important consideration. Once these issues have been resolved, we work hard to put together a complete schedule for the host to carefully consider and refine according to their preferences. Private homes all have their own quirks and limitations so LTR’s knowledge and experience is invaluable at every step of the planning process.

Nowadays, another key aspect of the British house party is the cuisine. LTR is lucky to have a wonderful selection of chefs available to help create some exciting menus for you and your guests. These can follow traditional British recipes or embrace a more international flavor. For kosher or middle eastern guests, special arrangements can be made to prepare suitable dishes under the rules required. Some estates have their own excellent chefs whilst at others we bring in a catering team. For the serving of the meals, we provide local staff, as this provides our guests with a more genuine experience and all the estates have lovely local people who they bring in to assist. Many of the houses and castles have huge dining rooms where splendid dinners can be served, along with more informal dining areas, both inside and out. Picnics and barbeques are also popular and of course the setting of these homes is always stunning so perfect for al fresco dining. House parties are what we do best.