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7 of the Best London Members Clubs with Accommodation

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Exclusive members-only clubs and venues are taking off globally, and London is one of the best cities in the world for these prestigious guilds. If you’re looking to organize private and bespoke travel to the UK, a members club is a luxury that may interest you. Here are 7 of the best members clubs in the capital that also have accommodation.

1. The Arts Club, Mayfair

Established in 1863, The Arts Club is an exclusive social that was originally for people in the Arts, Literature or Sciences. The property is located at 40 Dover Street in one of London’s most expensive neighborhoods and features understated yet luxurious art deco interiors. Designed to be an intimate overnight experience, there are just 16 rooms, with the jewel in the crown being the Penthouse suite.

2. The Hospital Club, Covent Garden

A simple and sumptuous venue with 15 suites and a fantastic art gallery. The Hospital Club oozes creativity, attracting artsy types from all around the world. Inside there’s also a live performance space, a TV studio and screening room, a restaurant, and relaxing lounges for its members. All of the rooms are decorated with inspiring artworks by local or up-and-coming artists.

3. The Curtain, Shoreditch

Located in the young, hip and vibrant area of Shoreditch, The Curtain is a club that is shaking things up. This is a modern members-only venue designed for modern men and women. There are 120 rooms which is far more than most clubs in the capital, and there’s also great live music as well as a choice of restaurants and bars.

4. The Library, West End

A favorite for bibliophiles, this West End based club is lined with books all across its walls. For a quiet place to come and drink, eat, read or relax, this is the perfect spot. It’s architecturally stunning, and there are enough nooks and crannies for privacy as well as communal areas for striking up literature conversations. There are a handful of bedrooms, two bars, a private dining space, a gym, and a spa.

5. The Ned, The City

Part of the Soho House Group, The Ned is a hotel that doubles up as a members club. For members, there’s a VIP rooftop bar and restaurant, plus a swimming pool with stunning views of the city. There’s also a hidden basement Vault bar, a private gym, and spa facilities.

6. Home Grown, Marylebone

New since 2019, Home Grown is a fresh take on what its big sister, Home House, has been doing successfully for centuries. The same luxuries apply, and the same level of exclusivity too, but the focus is on attracting aspiring professionals. This fantastic venue and hotel doubles up as a business space for networking and sharing ideas.

7. Kettner’s, Soho

Another great property part of the Soho House Group, Kettner’s on Romilly Street is a fantastic all-rounder. It’s an exclusive and beautifully appointed venue, perfect for dining, enjoying the champagne bar, or for rest and relaxation. Set across seven townhouses, it boasts a grand façade. There are 33 bedrooms to choose from.

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