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Where better to celebrate Christmas or New Year than a Scottish castle or English country house? For centuries families have been families have been gathering to have fun together over special vacations in them.

The size of these homes is perfect for multi-generational groups and with lots of space for guests to relax and enjoy different pursuits, they allow guests to come together under one roof. LTR offers wonderful, luxurious large houses to rent for Christmas & New Year, all are fully staffed and we lay on a full concierge service so all the stress is removed from the host and hostess. The only thing families need to do is show up, LTR will do the rest! We have some inspirational luxury ideas for New Year’s Eve here.


“The Hall was absolutely captivating – the best Christmas party ever. Toby and Jennie were so lovely and so accommodating too! My Chairman and Creative Director have said it was one of their favourite venues for a Xmas party and haven’t stopped saying “thank you” since they got back! That has certainly earned me a bank of brownie points. You have also been a marvel and really saved the day!”


The vacations can be a complicated time for families coming together from all over the world and fraught with potential emotional pitfalls for larger families with many different egos involved. The joy of neutral ground is that generally everyone is on their best behavior and hopefully out for a good time. LTR is meticulous about selecting the estates we work with and share with our clients, all of them offer a truly warm welcome and a very friendly atmosphere carefully nurtured by the owners over many generations. Roaring log fires, cozy four poster beds, large comfortable sitting rooms and attractive dining rooms make for a special few days as families relax and unwind in the most lovely of settings. For younger guests many houses and castles offer games rooms, large dens with televisions and nearly always a billiard table, enjoyed by guests of all ages.

Outside there is often thousands of acres of private land owned by the estate to explore. Although Christmas and New Year is not suited to swimming, tennis and some other outside pursuits, wonderful walks across windswept countryside blow away the cobwebs after a large lunch and prepares guests for an even more sumptuous dinner, after they have recovered from full afternoon tea of course. We ensure that all the homes are all fully decorated for the festivities with Christmas trees, holly and other baubles to make sure guests can truly get into the Christmas spirit. Our chefs can prepare the full yuletide menu and any other seasonal favorites which guests might enjoy from their homeland. Some local attractions may be closed over the festivities but we find families like to make their own fun and take great pleasure in just being together.

New Year or Hogmanay as we call it in Scotland is a major celebration and one for which the scots are famous, taking great pleasure in entertaining their friends with huge dinners, a lot of dancing and usually a few drams of Scottish water (whiskey). A popular tradition is the ceilidh band which plays reeling music which guests can dance to. Reels like the Duke of Perth and the Dashing White Sergeant are a great way of bringing together guests of all ages and create a very joyful atmosphere. Many a romance has started on New Year’s Eve and Hogmanay heralds a new start as guests raise their glasses when the clock chimes midnight and we slip into a new year. There is nowhere more fun than a Scottish castle to bring in the New Year and LTR arranges for many families and groups of friends to experience this.

We can offer you, an unparallelled opportunity to spend Christmas or New Year in the very castle where the filming for Downton Abbey’s Christmas Special in 2012 took place!

Calling all Downton Abbey fans, if you would like to spend Christmas in the magnificent Scottish Castle that played it’s part in a Christmas episode, call Jonathan on + 44 (0) 1835 824 642 or email now. Don’t miss this ‘one off’ opportunity.




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