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People have busy lives and time is precious. At LTR we take all the strain and pressure out of organizing our clients’ vacations and make sure they run smoothly, so much so that even the relaxation can be planned.


“It was a spectacular weekend. We and our guests had a terrific time. The castle was exceptionally comfortable and we all felt completely at home thanks to the understated but highly efficient service and support they provided. Food was also amazing… a truly memorable party. We are very happy.”


Punting on the River Thames through Oxford on a balmy August afternoon, paddling in a stream, building sand castles or simply relaxing in front of a roaring fire, LTR provides bespoke luxury relaxing vacations. Enjoy a weekend break and take it easy, leave all the details to LTR.

We know that modern day life can be stressful and exhausting and many of our clients come on vacation with LTR to escape the pressures of day to day life and to experience a true break from the worries of the real world. We can transport you from the hustle and bustle of your life to the peaceful and tranquil setting of one of the private castles, stately homes or large country houses that we offer. Surrounded by acres of private grounds and immaculate gardens, there will be plenty of space to roam and explore in complete privacy without time pressures of the modern world.

We have many multi-generational family groups who come on vacation with us who just want to spend time together and make sure that everyone can enjoy some peace and quiet with a few gentle activities. The majority of the beautiful private homes we use have tennis courts, swimming pools and lawns which are ideal for games of croquet. Tennis and croquet being fun family games to play and can be done at a gentle pace for all but the most competitive of family members! Some of the private homes are situated on the waters edge and so gentle boat trips can be taken to explore the coastline or the loch, lough or lake.

Some of the private homes or indeed the small boutique hotels can be perfect for a weekend break to escape it all. It is amazing how revitalizing even a short weekend away somewhere completely different can be and how it can restore the balance of life.

Our private villas in Europe with their swimming pools and heavenly views can also offer a complete escape and a chance to soak up the warmth with friends and family. Gentle excursions to the local villages to explore and experience the culture can easily be arranged along with trips to restaurants and cultural spots.