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In spite of its small size, Scotland is full to bursting with treasures and delights. The land is ingrained with a rich colorful history and culture and is home to some of the largest areas of wilderness in Western Europe.


Every corner of the land is steeped in the past whether it is a battlefield, small island croft, abbey, Scottish castle or tower house that has witnessed the country’s turbulent past.  The people are renowned for being warm and friendly and extremely hospitable.  Luxury travel in Scotland is becoming ever more achievable with owners of Scottish castles and stately homes renovating them to very high standards and opening their doors to guests from across the world.

From the Highlands and Islands to the Lowlands of the Scottish Borders, the country’s landscape is, quite simply, breath taking.  We have a team of destination experts at LTR who will be able to organize everything for you and ensure you see the highlights as well as the off the beaten track and hidden wonders of Scotland.  There is fabulous wildlife to see such as minke wales and basking sharks off the Hebridean Islands, otters and sea lions lazing in the sun, golden eagles soaring over the hills & lochs and deer roaming in the mountains.

A great way to explore the countryside can be on foot, bicycle, horse or taking a boat to visit the western islands.  The Highlands and Islands are an adventure playground to the outdoor lovers among us with a visit to the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye an exhilarating experience.  It is impossible to choose the best time to visit Scotland as the seasons are varied, offering interest and excitement whenever you choose to visit.  The spring is a beautiful time of year to visit Scotland with colorful signs of life, often following a hard winter.  There are some fabulous formal and informal gardens to visit all around Scotland.  Some by the coast are more tropical and other, inland gardens are full of interesting plants and some are formally designed offering something for everyone.

There is more here about what to do in Scotland in April.  By the summer, in August, the hills are covered in a purple blanket of heather which by December is replaced by a blanket of snow.  Throughout Scotland, there are some fabulous walks to be enjoyed for everyone, regardless of ability.


Scotland has many famous rivers, such as the River Tay, the River Tweed, the River Spey and the River Dee, which offer some of the very best salmon fishing in the World.  There are also several highland hill lochs which are perfect for trout fishing and are usually in idyllic spots which are ideal for picnics.   This can be a wonderful day trip to take from whichever private house, stately home or castle you may be staying in.  Other very popular day trips include visits to magnificent gardens of local stately homes and castles, each with their own character and style.

Scotland’s exports such as it’s whiskey, tweed and tartan are well-known worldwide as is the poetry of Robbie Burns and some of the more modern exports such as Ian Rankin’s detective novels.  There are many whiskey distilleries to visit, both large and small and they all welcome visitors with open arms.  Glasgow and Edinburgh have some wonderful museums and art galleries to visit such as Glasgow’s Kelvingrove and Edinburgh’s National Portrait Gallery.  Both cultural cities have lots to offer any visitor such as the designer shops, world class restaurants, Edinburgh Castle, a buzzing nightlife, the annual International Edinburgh Festival and the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

At last, Scotland has shaken off it’s reputation for deep-fried food (although you can still find some if you’re keen!) and replaced it with restaurants of international standing such as Paul Kitching’s 21212, Martin Wishart and Tom Kitchin.  Local produce is now used to its full advantage and you will find yourself eating homegrown organic vegetables with beef and venison reared in the fields nearby and fresh seafood caught that day.

Come and experience luxury travel in Scotland and stay in one of the delightful Scottish country houses that LTR offer. A country that has so much to offer from it’s history, culture and landscape to the warmth of the people and the delicious locally sourced food.


If we have never been to Scotland before, how do we know which area of Scotland we would like to stay in?

This is where we can really help and make sure that you have a vacation that surpasses your expectations.  Our travel advisors know Scotland exceptionally well and it is their job to work with you, the client, to ensure that all your likes and dislikes, needs and wishes are taken into consideration so that we can match you with the most appropriate country house or castle in an area that can offer you everything you are looking for.  Choosing the right house in the right area of Scotland can be the make or break of your vacation and we take great care to ensure that we guide you towards the most appropriate ones for you to choose from.

When is the best time to travel to Scotland?

This is a very difficult question to answer!  Having distinct seasons, Scotland can be very different depending on whether you visit in Summer, Winter, Autumn or Spring.  Naturally the usual holiday periods are popular as that is when it is easiest to get away.  Traditionally, summer is when most people visit as the weather is generally warmer and more reliable (not always though!) which makes any outdoor activities more enjoyable.  The days are longer and it is often possible to sit outside in the evenings and enjoy the gentle warmth and watch the sun go down.  However, Christmas is also a popular time for visitors to come and this offers a completely different feel to Scotland.  Sometimes there is snow and it can be very cold indeed with days being much shorter and darkness falling at around 4-5 pm in the evenings.  This offers great opportunities for lighting the big open fires in these wonderful country houses and castles and sit with family and friends enjoying cosy afternoons and evenings relaxing together.  Spring is one of our favorite times of year as the plants, flowers and trees begin to burst open with colourful life after a long and cold winter.  This is often a difficult time for people to get away so generally a quieter time for tourists in Scotland.  Autumn is also beautiful with the leaves on the trees turning to a glorious golden color and the promise of bright crisp and cold days.  Scotland has masses to offer visitors regardless of when in the year you visit.

Can you organize a bespoke trip for us all around Scotland?

We love organizing bespoke itineraries for clients staying in different places.  Depending on the size of your group, we can include a mixture of staying in a private house or castle with staying in boutique hotels and other special places along the way.  We consult very carefully with you, the client, to work out exactly what you are hoping to get out of your vacation and we put together a wonderful itinerary for you.  With our expert knowledge we know the best driving routes, the best places to stop and visit and spend time at and the best restaurants and hotels to eat in.  We also make sure that there aren’t too many or too few activities for you each day and that there is enough time for everything without rushing you off your feet.


“We had such a wonderful time. Thanks again for all your help. We totally LOVED Scotland, especially the people. I felt fortunate to have spent a chunk of time with Nairn, Peggy and Andrew. It allowed us to ask questions and get to know them a bit. We really enjoyed meeting you. I was telling everyone what a wonderful clarinet player you were. You really are.”