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Creating a very special travel experience for luxury travelers is a privilege we don’t take for granted. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and understand all your requirements so that we can endeavor to exceed your every expectation.


Our individually crafted, bespoke itineraries are tailored with great care and enthusiasm by us, expert destination management travel advisors, so that you will enjoy luxury experiences.

As luxury travel experts we understand that time is a very precious commodity that many of us have very little of.  We aim to perfect each and every aspect of your bespoke trip from start to finish. Our passion is creating truly unforgettable luxury travel experiences, for each and every guest, ensuring there are no wasted moments with unnecessary elements.

It all starts by discovering the inspiration for your trip – whether you are going on a family vacation staying in an historic castle, experiencing a country for the first time, discovering iconic travel experiences or celebrating a special occasion – and then we build your tailor made vacation around it. We have destination experts so between us we know every part of the UK and Ireland extremely well.  All our private country houses, castles and stately homes have been personally visited and we only use those which meet our trademark standards. We are unashamedly proud of the service and personal attention that all our guests receive during the planning process and during their actual vacation in the United Kingdom or Ireland.  We also love working with Travel Agents and take great pride in creating bespoke experiences for their clients. 

For a flavor of what makes the LTR experience so special, please explore the gallery links above for inspiration.


“No words describe how happy we were to stay at the castle. The family is the kindest, most fun and entertaining couple and made us all feel like members of the family. Please give yourself a huge pat on the back!!!!“

“We will never be able to thank Jonathan and Kirsty enough for a spectacular trip and events.  Everything was truly magnificent, and the honoree felt love, beauty and fun everywhere.  I know none of us realized what an undertaking the events would turn out to be, but at least afterwards we can confirm they were huge successes. You will of course be top of our list to recommend for trip, event, experiences etc. in Scotland.”



There aren’t that many properties shown on your website, do you have any others?

We have lots more properties that we work with and can offer our clients. We only show a very few properties in order to give visitors a ‘taster’ of the type of country houses, castles and stately homes that we have. Many of them are ‘hidden gems’ that are not widely known and as such, are extremely special and luxurious places to stay.

How does the process work when organizing a vacation?

Once we get an enquiry from you, we then try to speak to you on the phone to start the process by trying to ascertain what type of vacation you are looking for, who is travelling with you and what age each member of the party is, where in the UK you would like to base yourselves, what is important to you and any ideas of what you would like to do. We then start by putting together a broad itinerary giving you suggestions of places to stay and things to do. Once we have discussed this in detail with you and you have consulted with all members of your party we can start pinning down exactly where you will stay and what you will do. The itinerary will be finalised a few weeks before you travel and we will be there to support you throughout your stay in the UK.

How different is it staying in a private house to staying in a hotel?

Experiencing a vacation staying in a private house is different to staying in a hotel. It is more like being ‘lord of the manor’ for the duration of your stay. Where you will be the host to the rest of your family or friends who are with you. The houses are fully staffed and catered and offer an exceptional service to all their guests. Whilst room service in the middle of the night might not be an option, service throughout the day and evening can exceed even the best hotels with the friendliness and willingness of the staff being ever important. The staff are genuinely proud of the houses they work in and this is evident when staying there.