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  • “I could not wait until I returned to the UK to write to you to thank you for your hard work, assistance and advice which went so far into making the stay at the Tower amongst the most memorable experiences we have ever had. We have travelled the world and have stayed in a variety of accommodation, but never have we experienced a better attention to detail and delivery of promises exactly as promised than we have experienced at the hands of your company and you personally.” A.L., London, UK

For those looking to travel to Europe for a special holiday, LTR can arrange for guests to stay in a wonderful chateau or villa.   There are stylish Italian palazzos, chic French chateaux and secluded romantic villas tucked away on dreamy Greek islands, the only problem is choosing where to go.

Whether you are travelling to France, Italy, Spain, Greece or somewhere else in Europe, we will make sure we find you the perfect place to stay.  We only offer the best of the best and therefore, wherever you stay it will be supremely comfortable and luxurious and will be in wonderful surroundings with friendly and welcoming staff.  A sparkling pool with comfortable sun chairs and your every wish being answered.  A place to relax in comfort and enjoy the company of your family and friends.

Our travel consultants at LTR, create luxury tailor-made European experiences.  We have privileged access to some of the most romantic chateaux and villas in Europe.  They all come fully staffed and catered and guests will enjoy service that is second to none.  We make it our job to match guests with their perfect choice of villa or chateau.  The list of things to do is endless and so time discussing your wishes and ideas with us can be invaluable as it ensures that we put together an itinerary that is exactly what you are looking for.  We have done fantastic wine experiences in France visiting some of the wonderful vineyards whilst being guided by the most knowledgeable and best guides available.  Trips to visit Europe’s great battlefields are also popular, again with friendly and knowledgeable guides.

Italy is a fantastic place to go for a big family celebration.  We have some beautiful villas with glorious swimming pools and fabulous gardens for everyone to enjoy.  A wonderful place to entertain, relax and soak up the sun, the atmosphere and enjoy the local cuisine.  There is so much culture to absorb whether it be in the small local villages or in Rome, Florence or Venice and going to the better-known sites.  Whatever you decide to do, we will make sure it happens and that everything runs like clockwork.

There are some great villas in Greece which offer fantastic space for groups of friends who are looking to relax in comfort and style and recharge the batteries from the never-ending pace of life.  Stunning surroundings, crystal clear water in the sea and beautiful pools to enjoy.

If you are looking for a unique European experience, let us help you plan your trip and make it a truly special one.


Chateaux & Villas

Stay in a Chateau or Villa in Europe


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