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Getting to know our clients is of key importance. We can then understand what they would like to do and experience, which enables us to craft imaginative and bespoke itineraries that involve every member of the party. 

Whether you are wanting to celebrate your 40th or 50th birthday or enjoy an incredible ‘one off’ vacation experience with a multi-generational family break, Loyd & Townsend Rose will create a very special, tailor-made experience for you.  It all starts with a phone call or an email, and from there we build up a rapport with our clients, finding them the most appropriate venue and then building the celebration or vacation around that.  No two bespoke vacations or celebrations are the same, as our travel design is unique. The fact that 90% of our clients have used us before or have been referred to us by a previous client is something we are very proud of.


“The Hall was absolutely captivating – the best Christmas party ever. Toby and Jennie were so lovely and so accommodating too! My Chairman and Creative Director have said it was one of their favourite venues for a Xmas party and haven’t stopped saying “thank you” since they got back! That has certainly earned me a bank of brownie points. You have also been a marvel and really saved the day!”

Organizing any vacation takes time, care and patience. Organizing a bespoke vacation with bespoke experiences requires expert knowledge, experience and determination on top of time, care and patience to achieve exactly what is wanted.  As a bespoke luxury travel company, we pride ourselves on providing magnificent experiences and memories for every member of the party, whatever their ages, whatever their likes and dislikes. 

Having organized private travel and bespoke luxury travel in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales for over 20 years, Jonathan, Andrew and their small team of travel advisers really do know the best private houses and castles to stay in, the best suppliers to use, the best restaurants to go to and are able to organize every possible activity or type of entertainment.  Their talent and knowledge are best used by matching up their clients to the most appropriate venue or country house to stay in. There are many wonderful private houses and castles on the market to rent, however, having intimate knowledge of these houses is invaluable and that is where Jonathan and Andrew are able to ensure that they find the best one for their clients. 

Depending on where our clients are staying, there is likely to be plenty to see and do locally.  Again, with the benefit of expert local knowledge, we are able to propose and organize day trips and design unique travel experiences that will be of real interest as well as making sure we are most efficient with time for our discerning travelers. Local history and culture are often of interest and we make sure that the best possible bespoke travel experience is given.

There is a host of different activities and types of entertainment that we can put together for our clients going on a bespoke trip. Again, we only work with the very best suppliers who we have worked with for many years.  Whether it is archery, falconry, mini-highland games, oil painting or watercolours, fly fishing, magicians, roulette, casino, whisky or gin tasting, we make sure that we use the very best in their field to give our clients the best luxury experience. 

For us, every bespoke or tailor-made itinerary is a challenge and one that we relish wholeheartedly.

If you would like to find out more about our private travel, please call us on + 44 (0) 1835 824 642 or email now.


When is the best time to travel to the UK?

One of the wonderful things about the UK is the seasons. It is difficult to pick the best time to visit as each season has its own magic. From December to March it can be very cold, and certainly, in Scotland, it is wise to expect snow when the temperatures drop. Cosy evenings can be spent in front of open fires, enjoying good food and wine with friends and family. April to May is when there are real signs of new life with Spring and the daffodils are displaying their bright yellow flowers, lambs and calves are being born in great numbers and are cavorting around the fields. In the summer from June to August is when it is hottest and the evenings are long and can be spent outside enjoying the fresh smells of summer. The Autumn from September to November is equally wonderful with the leaves turning golden brown and slowly falling from the trees. Often there are beautiful, dry and crisp days that can be enjoyed outside exploring. In short, it is really a matter of opinion when it is best to visit!

Why is it better to use Loyd & Townsend Rose rather than booking with one of the properties direct?

At Loyd & Townsend Rose we have spent over 20 years as a tour operator building up our relationships with our very valued clients. The majority of our clients are people who have travelled with us before and they come back again and again because they have built up their trust in us as a luxury travel company. We know our suppliers well, the owners and their properties, and so we are able to give insightful advice to our clients to ensure that they find the best place/places to stay for their precious vacation. We have very high standards and we don’t compromise as we know what is important for each client and it is important for us to make the right recommendations.

What are the most popular activities that groups tend to enjoy when staying at a private house or castle?

We can organize almost anything you would like to do. However, the most popular activities tend to be anything from Land Rover safaris, quad biking, fly fishing, falconry, archery, canoeing to having a private Highland Games. Many of our guests enjoy having a private guide to take them around a nearby city and town whilst enjoying some good local food. Entertainment in the evening is often requested with private bands, local storytelling, magicians, casinos and traditional dancing being very popular.

If we have a multi-generational family group, how do you ensure that everyone has something to do?

We have organized lots of multi-generational family groups and are able to ensure that everyone has something to do. For example, the children can be experiencing bushcraft activities in the grounds of the country house or castle they are staying in, while their mothers are exploring a nearby city with an experienced guide and their fathers are enjoying a cycling tour of the local area. Grandparents might be visiting a local castle or stately home. This is bespoke travel at it’s best and we put together an itinerary to suit everyone.

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