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  • “We had the most amazing time, I really could not have hoped for more. Eleanor was a phenomenal host, the castle itself was just stunning and we truly did have a magical, once in a lifetime weekend. Thank you for all you did and you were completely right about Duncan, he and Mary made that Friday night, so skilled, I should never have questioned that! Again, the chef was absolutely superb, he blew away a very tough crowd with the meals he prepared.” S.N. United States - Inveraray Castle, United States

Excellent food and drink are essential to the enjoyment of any holiday and at LTR we organise some truly delicious gourmet breaks and tailor made luxury food holidays.

Whilst you are staying in the dream home of your choice, we arrange for a top chef to look after all your catering needs for your vacation ensuring that we provide the very highest level of cuisine for your stay.  We only work with the very best chefs who use organic and locally sourced produce wherever possible.  Grand country houses have grand kitchen gardens.  An important part of the LTR experience is access to delicious, home-grown, organic food; fresh and perfectly cooked.

Your chef for the duration of your stay is an integral part of your vacation.  He or she will have to get to know you well and understand your food likes and dislikes and those of your guests.  We are absolutely scrupulous in our choice of chef to ensure that your expectations are achieved and hopefully exceeded.  Some of our clients have spent hours in the kitchens with the chef learning cooking tips and discovering new dishes they love and taking all these new ideas and recipes back home with them.  Some recent clients of ours liked their chef so much that they are flying her out to their home in America to cook for Thanksgiving!

Before you arrive, we will go through menus for every meal with you to make sure that you can have the food of your choice making use of the delicious, home-grown, organic food available on most of our private estates.  To accompany these gourmet delights will be delicious wines, carefully selected by you and with our advice and guidance where necessary.  Our chefs are wonderful at accommodating the different requirements of each guest and will be as flexible as they can be to ensure everyone is happy.

We can also arrange bespoke cooking courses for you and your guests whilst staying in fabulous private houses.  Top chefs are often keen to impart their knowledge and experience and we can arrange for a tailor made course to your specifications to be run.  A great chance to learn how to expertly cook local cuisine whether you are staying in Italy in a stunning villa or Ireland in a beautiful country house.

You are not restricted to eating in as there are often some fabulous local restaurants that are a must to visit.  We have good knowledge of those that are good and enjoy recommending restaurants depending on their level of cuisine, atmosphere, location and experience.

If you are looking for a gourmet break why not let us come up with a bespoke itinerary for you and your guests.



+44 (0)1835 824 642