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  • “The Hall was absolutely captivating – the best Christmas party ever. Toby and Jennie were so lovely and so accommodating too! My Chairman and Creative Director have said it was one of their favourite venues for a Xmas party and haven’t stopped saying “thank you” since they got back! That has certainly earned me a bank of brownie points. You have also been a marvel and really saved the day!” S. K. , London

We arrange bespoke vacation experiences to luxury destinations almost anywhere in the world you dream of traveling to.

There is an emphasis on luxury destinations throughout Europe and the UK – Scotland, England and Ireland.  Benefiting from extensive local knowledge that we have cultivated over decades, our tailor made itineraries really allow you to get ‘under the skin’ of your chosen luxury destination, enjoying unrivaled access and luxurious accommodations every step of the way.  Whatever destinations you have in mind, we have the means and the experience to pull it all together, ensuring the lifestyle you are accustomed to at home is extended to wherever you choose to visit.

We spend time getting to know our clients so we feel that we fully understand their vacation requirements.  Each itinerary we produce is unique and we spend a great deal of time ensuring that every last detail is thought of and making sure that we use our knowledge of our clients to match them up with places we feel they would enjoy visiting and doing things they would enjoy doing.  A testament to this is the number of clients who return to us year after year asking us to organize their vacation again but to a different destination.

Sometimes we have couples wanting to do a special tour of somewhere in the UK or Europe and other times we have extended family groups wanting to spend quality time together in a very special private stately home or castle being looked after as well as they would be in a 5 star hotel.  We can then organize activities and entertainment to suit every age group.  Whatever our clients’ wishes, we will do our very best to ensure that we match them and that is where our experience of the destinations that we go to, comes into it’s own.

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