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  • “What a weekend! How can we begin to thank you for that spectacular time. As with yourselves, we’ve enjoyed many occasions over the years – a few disasters, mostly good, but just once in a while one happens that, as we put it, has a sprinkling of “stardust” on it. This was certainly one of those!” I.W., Aberdeen, Scotland

Europe is full to bursting with it’s variety of attractions and culture.  Almost nowhere in the world can claim not to have been touched by European influence at some time or another.

The diversity of this continent is immense and one of it’s greatest draws for visitors.  When contemplating luxury travel in Europe, it is difficult to know where to start as there is so much on offer.  France, Italy, Austria, Greece, Spain, Norway, Russia to name but a few of the countries.  The time of year that you travel is also important and will have an impact on where to travel and what to do.  There is so much culture to be absorbed in each of these countries from the cities you visit to the unspoilt rural areas full of charm and natural beauty.

The wine regions of France offer wine lovers a wonderful insight into the world of viticulture and viniculture.  Visiting various vineyards around France can be a great way to experience the delicious wine and food of the different regions and to explore the local culture.  LTR puts together fabulous, luxury bespoke wine tours visiting the best vineyards in areas such as Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion, enjoying delicious food and wine along the way.

Italy offers a truly diverse landscape with the hills of Tuscany, the mountains of the Alps and the Campanian waters.  Then there is the magnificent art which appears to mingle effortlessly with daily life.  Florence, Venice and Rome can occupy the visitor for days with their vibrancy.  If you are after some adventure, we can put together an itinerary with plenty of fun filled activities to keep everyone entertained.  Allow LTR to find you the villa of your dreams for a magical vacation in this beautiful country.  Some of the European gardens that are open to the public are magical and offer variety and beauty to those exploring them.

As destination management consultants, private luxury travel is our forte at LTR.  We offer luxury travel in Europe, including France, Italy, Austria, Greece and Spain, staying in the most fabulous villas and chateaux with a warm and welcoming band of staff to look after your every need.  We have some wonderfully grand places to stay including this grand Austrian castle which is full of charm, history and comfort and this gorgeous luxury Italian villa.

We arrange bespoke luxury tours throughout Europe, including France, Italy, Austria, Greece and Spain encompassing all the sites and parts of the countries you would like to see most.  Nothing is too much trouble and our aim is to exceed your every expectation.


UK + 44 (0)1835 824 642 or US Toll Free + 1 866 842 7550