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  • “I could not wait until I returned to the UK to write to you to thank you for your hard work, assistance and advice which went so far into making the stay at the Tower amongst the most memorable experiences we have ever had. We have travelled the world and have stayed in a variety of accommodation, but never have we experienced a better attention to detail and delivery of promises exactly as promised than we have experienced at the hands of your company and you personally.” A.L., London, UK

No two gardens are the same and to visit a beautiful garden is to restore the senses.  At LTR we can create wonderful garden tour vacations to revive and invigorate our guests.

For nature lovers and keen gardeners, in fact anyone who appreciates the wonders of the natural environment, LTR can incorporate private garden tours into your bespoke travel itinerary.   Public and private gardens in the UK are often examples of exceptional landscape design.  Of course you will experience the beauty of the English, Scottish, Irish or European countryside.  However, historically the great British gardens are a special highlight for many visitors and Europe has some wonderful formal gardens that are a must to enjoy.  Each garden has its own unique character and garden design and a visit will provide a fantastic day out for all the family and leave you inspired and refreshed for the rest of your vacation.

Depending on the time of year you visit, there will be different seasonal delights on offer.  You might wish to enjoy an array of spring bulbs and visit woodlands of ancient bluebells, experience rhododendrons in bloom and scented rose gardens or simply enjoy spectacular autumn colors.  Victorian ferneries and exotic glass houses like those at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh and the famous Kew Gardens in London provide a delight all year round.

As part of your bespoke travel itinerary we are able to take you to grand formal gardens attached to family homes like Drummond Gardens, Inveraray Castle, Floors Castle and Kincardine and also to smaller and just as magical private gardens throughout the UK and Europe.  Generally, the luxury accommodation you would be staying in will also have exquisitely designed gardens and acres of private grounds for you to explore at your leisure during your stay.  We have written about the best gardens to visit in the UK here.

A trip to the south of England for garden lovers could not be complete without a day to explore the famous gardens at Hidcote Manor, Highgrove House or Sezincote.  Be sure to incorporate this into your Cotswold vacation, you will not be disappointed.

Whatever your preference, you can experience wild flower meadows, Victorian potagers, vibrant water features, fruitful orchards, exotic trees, elegant topiary, sculpture exhibits and manicured lawns to provide inspiration for your garden at home or to simply provide a welcome break during a busy schedule.

There is fun for all the family during a visit to any of the UK and Europe’s most spectacular gardens.  Whether you wish to take a leisurely walk enjoying the herbaceous borders, landscaped grounds and acres of parkland, send the kids off on a nature trail or prefer to sip tea enjoying the atmosphere of a traditional walled garden, we are always delighted to include a garden visit into your bespoke travel itinerary.

If you’re interested in on one of garden tour vacations, you can contact us using one of the following methods. Telephone: +44 (0)1835 824 642, Email: or by filling out our contact form.



UK + 44 (0)1835 824 642 or US Toll Free + 1 866 842 7550