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These Are the Best Private Dining Rooms in London

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Culinary awareness is growing and the trend of eating fine food in luxurious settings is alighting even greater competition amongst chefs and venues vying to offer the best bespoke dining experience.

London is a city known for more than its compelling history, world-renowned landmarks and diversity. It is both a city of great stature and influence, an example that others around the world hurry to follow, and a city of modesty, willing to identify where trends from other nations can elevate it even further. This is never clearer than in its culinary offerings.

Here are the best private dining rooms you will find in London.

Kerridge’s Bar & Grill

Seating up to sixteen guests and considered one of the most unique dining experiences in London, the private room at Kerridge’s Bar & Grill sees guests seated at a remarkable Jolyon Oliver table and with a close-up view of their own personal chef preparing each carefully chosen course.

Wine is specifically chosen to suit each course by the Head Sommelier, and great attention is paid to the ambience and decoration with flowers and place cards provided. The menu itself features strong, traditional British flavours combined with classical French influences.

The Salon Privé

One of three private dining rooms available at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, The Salon Privé offers the most intimate and secluded experience for guests, with discreet service and emphasis on comfort. The vibrant, private alcove brings the nearby Hyde Park in, with its colourful design of thousands of studded green buttons.

Set at the heart of bustling Mayfair and seating up to twelve guests, you can indulge in exquisite contemporary French food with a visit tailored specifically to your needs at The Salon Privé.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Inspired by British history, a private dining experience at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is individual and completely tailored to you. Traditional 16th Century Tudor architecture is used for the style of the room, while the table at which you will be seated is a depiction of King Arthur’s legendary round table. A chandelier, made of the largest hand-blown glass piece in Britain, illuminates the room, and a window to the outside overlooks Hyde Park.

Up to twelve guests can enjoy three or four courses accompanied by carefully selected wines that complement the food, which like the architecture and decor is a celebration and tribute to Britain through history.


Bold, daring, with a varied and eclectic menu, Sushisamba in Covent Garden has something for every palate and craving. Fifteen guests can be seated in the Japanese-style private dining room in one of the oldest parts of the original market building, where guests are treated to an unparalleled combination of flavours from Japanese, Brazillian and Peruvian cuisine.

Visits are created specifically for the guests, with reversible screens and handmade dining tables combining with the venues uniquely creative take on cuisine and cocktails to develop a bespoke experience for any occasion.


Texture’s private dining room is named Tolli, after the Icelandic artist whose work is on display in the room. An elegant space, the room can accommodate up to sixteen guests and serves modern European food with influences from Asia.

The room is ideal for any occasion where privacy and exceptional food are the two requisites. Texture prides itself on using the best, sustainable ingredients, and providing a stunning experience that leaves guests well-fed, but feeling light due to the healthy nature of its courses.

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