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Since 1999 LTR has been working with a myriad of houses & castles throughout England, Scotland and Ireland arranging luxury travel for our valued clients. We have had to change the portfolio of homes on offer as guest’s expectations have altered over the years or in some cases because some homes just didn’t let. Geography can be a key component and we struggle sometimes to entice some clients away from the well- known tourist areas or too far from a major city. However we get a huge variety of rental requests and we always love to hear about new homes and from owners who are interested in exploring the private house rental market.

We are always delighted to talk through with home owners the options available to them and to discuss the luxury rental market in general. It is always helpful to have some independent advice and after 20 years of letting houses & castles, we have a good feel for the market. There are many factors to consider and it’s certainly not for everyone. The rental market is incredibly robust and there are a variety of different uses owners can consider from weddings, house parties, corporate events and rock concerts to film shoots and spa retreats. Even if not an expert on all these areas, we can normally advise who would be best to help with these different activities.

Some homes we started with we had to stop using as they failed to keep up with the standards required by today’s high- end rental client but many have poured huge sums into the heir houses so that they can meet these standards and LTR can advise as to what is required. Fire regs and health & safety are also vital components and owners need to comply with strict procedures. However again with some investment, these can usually be achieved. At the end of the day, we love old houses & castles and we derive huge pleasure from working with so many beautiful properties, most of which are surrounded by glorious estates.

If you have such a property and would like some friendly & discreet advice, we would be delighted to help. We offer consultancy services to those who require further help with their marketing and we have enjoyed advising a few estates over the last few years and passing on some of our experience to the next generation of house or castle owner. These are exciting times for the luxury rental market and we are looking forward to see how the industry further develops in the decades to come. Please get in touch if we can be of any assistance….



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