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At LTR we have some of the grandest and most comfortable private castles, mansions & country houses and stately homes to rent all over Scotland, England and Ireland.   Would you like your vacation with family or friends to come with all the luxuries of being fully catered and staffed or perhaps you would like to hire a private house on a self-catered basis?   Read about the advantages of having the luxury of a fully staffed and fully catered vacation …

Imagine being chauffeur driven in luxurious cars from the airport or traveling in a private helicopter organized by LTR to the house of your choice.  Arriving at the door to be met by the butler of the house and have all your luggage taken straight up to your warm and welcoming bedroom.  Afternoon tea is served in the drawing room for you and all your guests to unwind from the journey and settle into the glorious surroundings of your house party.  A chance to discuss the excitement and entertainment that has been organized by LTR for the coming week.   Then there is time to relax and change before drinks in the castle drawing room steeped in history followed by a delicious five course dinner cooked by your resident Michelin Star chef using fresh, organic, local ingredients accompanied by delicious wines.  After a wonderful gastronomic feast, it is time to retire to the crisp linen of your four poster bed and the sumptuous bedroom to dream of the week ahead.

Nannies, chauffeurs, private jets, helicopters, Michelin Star chefs, vintage wines, evening entertainment, game shooting, salmon and trout fishing, private sightseeing trips, boat trips and many, many more activities and services are on offer.

Alternatively, you may decide that you would prefer to hire a country house on a self-catered basis.

Please call Andrew Loyd on + 44 (0) 1835 824642 or email to find out more about renting one of our fully staffed and catered stately homes, castles or mansions.


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