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Home > 5 Beautiful Villages in the Scottish Highlands

luxury Scottish Highlands vacation is a trip of a lifetime for you and your family. There are few places on our planet with views like the Highlands. Dramatic mountain backdrops, glorious lochs and untouched wilderness is all around. So whichever town or village you stay in, it’s bound to be beautiful. But here are the fairest villages of them all…..


The tiny village of Boat of Garten is located in the northern Cairngorms, giving you easy access to multiple destinations within the national park. It’s the gateway to endless nature walks and trails, and offers breath-taking views of the RiverSpey. Visit in fall to see the gorgeous golden hues of trees by the riverbed, or book your trip in winter to witness snow gathering on the branches. There’s also an excellent golf course and tennis club, and a popular country pub and inn featuring cozy log fires and traditional décor.


Known to the locals as the “Jewel of the Highlands”, this harbor village lends the most amazing panoramic views of Loch Carron and the ocean. The North Atlantic drift also promises a mild climate and creates an environment for unique vegetation. Palm trees line the waterfront, contrasting with the quintessentially British countryside setting. Small yachts bob on the water in the lovely sheltered bay, and there’s a great inn, fish bar and café. Walking is one the most popular activities here, but be sure to make time for Duncraig Castle just outside of the village.


The picturesque village of Torridon sits at the foot of Liathach Mountain in the Torridon Hills, a range located in the Northwest Highlands. Liathach is considered to be the most beautiful mountain in Scotland, so visitors flock here every season either to see it or climb it. Torridon is set on a scenic road which winds its way along Upper Loch, and the area is packed with superb hiking paths. Come on a clear, sunny day and you might just catch the reflections of the mountain range in the water. So bring a camera to capture the moment.


Set on the edge of Loch Tay, the village of Killin is one of the most atmospheric spots to go walking. Even in the colder, mistier, foggier months of the year, the views here are still exceedingly beautiful. The area will make you feel like you’ve travelled back in time, as many of the houses are traditional thatched cottages– typical of rural Scotland. Known for its cozy pubs and cafes, it’s a lovely place to come for a quiet drink or a hot, home cooked meal.


One of the most stunning locations in the Highlands, and a great base for anyone driving the Glencoe Pass. This is the ultimate Scottish road trip, with mind blowing mountain scenery on both sides. It’s also located close to Fort William, one of the Highland’s most popular towns and the main access point for Ben Nevis. Or take the road from Glencoe to Loch Lomond (just over an hour’s drive) and make the most of the many parking points to stop and take in the sights.


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