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LTR is constantly approached to assist with the planning of an important birthday. As the years slip by, more and more LTR clients are seeking advice on how to celebrate their 30th birthdays, 40th birthdays, 50th or 60th birthdays.

With the huge explosion in prosperity over the last two decades, the style in which birthdays are celebrated today is rather different to the old days.  Indeed clients are often rather nervous that their planned celebration is going to look somewhat paltry compared with the parties of other friends.  LTR tries to circumnavigate this issue by thinking creatively so that clients can still achieve the wow factor without necessarily having to spend a fortune.  As always with LTR celebrations, the key is to select the best of the birthday party venues and then when this is established, we start planning all the fun stuff.


“I finally have a moment to send my thanks for organising the perfect birthday weekend for my husband. From the moment we arrived, to the time we left, everyone was truly entertained and content. Even the children were enchanted with the location and wildlife. Every activity was enjoyable and stress free. Ken, you truly are a professional. That you were able to suggest the perfect itinerary is amazing. Thank you again.”

Over the years LTR has arranged some amazing birthday celebrations in houses and castles throughout the UK and Ireland.  A personal favorite was a 50th birthday party at one of the most well known stately homes in England, which mushroomed from a weekend house party for 25 into a 5 day celebration for 150 guests.  This required a huge level of planning over many months and endless site visits to ensure every detail was in order.  Organizing an event of this scale is truly a team effort and involves literally dozens of different people providing catering, set design, flowers, activities, musical entertainment, transport and a myriad of other services.  LTR coordinates the whole operation and removes any strain from the host’s shoulders.  We charge a mutually agreed fee for these services and all the relevant costs are discussed with the client as the planning progresses.

Special birthdays are supposed to be all about bringing together friends and family and then creating a very memorable experience in a magical setting.  LTR can provide such venues and these famous homes have been entertaining guests for centuries.  Indeed they were built for entertaining and specifically laid out so that large numbers of guests could party the weekend away in style.  The houses and castles we work with, have now been upgraded and offer superior bathrooms, comfortable bedrooms and 21st century style facilities.  We have an amazing array of homes in which you can arrange a fabulous birthday celebration and treat your nearest and dearest to a spoiling few days in a wonderful setting.  Lots of laughter and personal service from caring staff who want you to have a fantastic and memorable time.  LTR will make it all happen!