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5 top travel planning tips

Travel planning tips – 5 top ones

21 Oct 2014 by annabel

5 top travel planning tips for a trip to the UK next summer.

Once you have decided to go on vacation there is so much time and effort that goes into planning that perfect trip.  If you know exactly what you are looking for before you start, that can reduce the time spent planning but not many of us know exactly what we want before we start the planning process.  That is why Travel Agents and Travel Consultants can really help with the planning process taking away much of the stresses and strains before you get away on vacation.  Here, I have put together some top travel planning tips that we follow when organizing luxury trips around the UK for our clients.

1.  What should your budget be?

Your budget needs to be flexible but many of the costs can be worked out in advance and indeed much of it paid in advance.  A lot will depend on whether you elect for a self-catering cottage in the country or a 6 star hotel in central London.  Accommodation costs can vary from as little as £500 per week for a cottage sleeping 4 people up to £45,000 or more per week for a luxury private house or castle, fully staffed and catered for up to 18 guests.

Fully staffed Scottish castle to hire

2.  Do you want to stay in one place or travel around staying in various types of accommodation?

Once you have decided on whether you would like to be in one place or travel around, be prepared to take advice on this.  The UK is a very diverse and varied place and some areas will be much better suited for certain types of vacation and the last thing you will want to do is to spend all your precious vacation time traveling from place to place unnecessarily.

Travelling by train in one of the most remote areas of Scotland

3.  What should you do while you are here?

Well that is entirely up to you, but if you want the great outdoors, an action packed trip for the young, sport and spectacular scenery then head to Scotland or the Welsh hills.  If however, you are looking for the more quintessential English experience then maybe the Cotswolds or Oxfordshire with Stratford upon Avon, Stonehenge, Oxford, Salisbury Cathedral and Windsor Castle all within striking distance.

Go karting - travel planning tips

4.  How long should you stay for?

This will depend on the amount of time you have available and also what you want to see and do once you are in the UK.  Obviously there will be time lost due to any transatlantic flights and transfers but once you arrive at your destination, the rest of your time should be taken up with enjoying the UK and all it has to offer.

Helicopters at a stately home in England

5.  Who should you travel with?

Friends, family and work colleagues regularly get together for vacation trips.  It is important that they all have an input into what they want to do on vacation so that no one is left out, or worse still, forced to do something they don’t want!  Nowadays, most family groups are multi-generational with the grandparents taking their children and grandchildren and normally ‘picking up the tab’!  Quite often it is the joy of all sitting down together for dinner at one table and under one roof that makes these trips so special and something that cannot be done so easily at home with the frantic pace of life and stresses of every day.

Al fresco family dining

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